Local SEO: How an optimised Google My Business listing will win you business

It goes by many names (due to Google changing it). Google Local. Google My Business. The main thing is you understand how an attention-grabbing and keyword-targeted local listing on Google Maps can win you more business.

There’s no secret to appearing higher in Google local searches. It’s simply a matter of best practice. What you would expect to see from a great local business listing is what Google favours in its results.

Okay, so what might we expect from a great local listing?

  • Your business name
  • High-quality featured images
  • Relevant category
  • Keywords in summary description
  • Telephone number
  • Website link
  • Booking call-to-action link
  • Positive reviews
  • Opening hours

To illustrate best practice, let’s look at the results for: “hair salon ancoats”

  • on Google Search
  • on Google Maps Search

At the top you have Antonacci Hair Salon. (Full disclosure: I worked with them).

This listing describes the name of the business clearly. The category is: hairdresser. There’s a nice, high-quality image. The address is in Ancoats and opening times are showing.

Google treats reviews as good trust signals. So it’s no surprise that with 50 reviews and an average score of 4.8 stars, Antonacci Hair Salon is top.

Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the elements of this well-optimised Google My Business listing now.

Featured images

Nothing says professional more than a high-quality image. Choose one featured image.

And make sure you have a few more photos on your listing. Show the outside of the store so your customers can find you easily too.

Telephone number

Your phone number should be listed. This allows your customers to call you directly from their phones after finding your listing on Google Maps.

Booking call-to-action

Make it easier for your customers to book. You can add a link direct from your Google Maps listing to the bookings page of your website.

Opening hours

Clearly list your business opening hours. This could be the difference between a customer visiting your store or not when searching Google Maps on mobile.

Lots of positive reviews

Like people, Google trusts lots of positive reviews. The more reviews, and the greater the feedback, the more likely your business will appear top for local SEO searches on Google Maps and on Google Search.

Ways to increase reviews for your local listing include:

  • asking for a review after servicing your customer
  • sending an email to your clients to ask for a review linking to your local listing

Another great thing about reviews is the comments will naturally have semantically similar keywords to “hair salon ancoats” and other relevant beauty searches your customers are making.

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