Online marketing services

I have seven years experience providing creative copywriting services to clients across the UK. You may actually be wondering: ‘What services do I get from a copywriter? Don’t they just write?’

If you haven’t read my inaugural blog post titled: What is a copywriter? — now is a good time.

As a copywriter, my services stretch far beyond what you might expect, and understandably so. Not everyone knows what they get with a copywriter — or at least, what they should get.

l like to make my work as transparent as possible. So I’ll tell you exactly what copywriting services I offer.

Copywriting services I offer

Simply put, I can breakdown my copywriting services into two general categories. All of the following may be original, from-scratch copy; a complete re-write of existing copy, or a partial re-write plus a few fresh additions:

  • Web
    • A completely original technical article
    • An SEO blog post
    • A simple five-page website
    • Product descriptions
  • Print
    • Brochures
    • Presentations
    • Press releases

What are your rates?

There is no one-size fits all approach to copywriting. Your business needs and copywriting requirements will vary, whether it’s a 1000-word well-researched technical article, a couple of 500-word SEO blog posts or a brochure re-write.

This is why I like you to get in touch for a quote, as I treat each and every project with the attention to detail it rightly deserves. What you get is a bespoke copywriting service.

Example copywriting jobs

Whilst my rates depend on the scale of the project and the specific copywriting jobs, I can provide you with a few examples. This is by no-means an exhaustive list:

  • A simple 1000-word technical article
  • A couple of SEO blog posts
  • Copy for a 15 to 20-page brochure
  • A re-write of SEO copy for your web pages
  • A 500-word press release
If you’re in doubt as to what I can do for you, fire me a quick tweet or shoot me an e-mail for a quote.

What do I get, guaranteed?

Well, what I can guarantee you with my copywriting services is a truly unique and personally-tailored approach.

Alongside getting the end-result you want, a fixed quote generally covers the following:

  • Research time
  • The completed copy
  • Full proof-read
  • A single re-edit or redraft (should you want it)
  • Time spent discussing and fine-tuning the details

For examples of some of my previous copywriting work, take a look at my portfolio.