Who I am

I am a Manchester-based freelance copywriter and SEO with over nine years experience writing website copy, blog posts and marketing material for print like brochures, leaflets, sales e-mails and newsletters. When writing for your website, I write for your customers first, and search engines second.

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 My Story

My Story

I've worked in-house and agency-side since 2009, writing website copy and blog posts for the purpose of SEO. So, I know what works to get you more clicks to your website. What's more is, I know how much it costs and how long it takes to do right. Today, I help businesses like yours gain more traffic from Google in creating content geared around the words it loves. I am available around-the-clock and at a price friendlier to your pocket than agencies in the area. Choose one of three online packages to get started, or ask for something more bespoke. If SEO is all you're after, you can request a free report.

Who I've written words for

Brands include those from the automotive, bar and leisure, electrical and money saving industries
Produced persuasive SEO-friendly copy to encourage affiliate sales
Ranked on 1st page of Google for 'we buy any car', 'sell my car' and 'buy my car' - worth over £20,000 a month in saved PPC spend
Revolution Bars
Revolution Bars
Increased organic search traffic by 12% for their Christmas 2015 campaign versus 2014

SEO Services

Services suitable for start-ups and SMEs

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    When travelling in the summer of 2013, people would ask me what I did for a living, and I’d reply: ‘I’m a freelance copywriter.’ ‘What’s that then?,’ they’d often reply. Usually, it was followed by: ‘Is it to do with copyrighting, as in the legal profession?’ So, understandably, there’s a lot of disambiguation surrounding the […]

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    [BLOG] How social signals will affect search rankings in 2014

    The significance of social signals in affecting search engine rankings has been widely speculated, and rightly so. Talk hasn’t shifted at the start of 2014. If anything, gossip surrounding this known ranking factor is not going away. Just how much it affects a site’s search rankings is left open to much debate. In a recent […]

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  • TrustedCarBuyers.com

    Built from traffic of 0 visits in October 2013. After six months, TrustedCarBuyers.com started to rank on the first page of Google for keywords searched several thousands of times per month. After 12 months, the site was ranking on the first page of Google for multiple terms searched several thousands of times a month, in ‘sell my car’ (27,100) and ‘buy my car’ (8,100). After 18 months, TrustedCarBuyers.com was receiving in excess of £20,000 worth of traffic freely (now saving the business a quarter of a million a year on their PPC paid search spend).

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    Voucher Codes

    Produced persuasive promo copy for hundreds of UK brands for the VoucherCodes.co.uk website – the UK’s leading voucher code and discount website. This included on-page SEO in the form of page meta titles and descriptions relative to store-based searches and brand-based searches in Google.

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  • Revolution Bars

    Delivered an increase in organic search traffic of 12% for Revolution Bars’ Christmas campaign 2015 (on 2014’s campaign) through on-page SEO optimisations of existing content and keyword-targetted content marketing. The content strategy was delivered in the form of on-page optimisation of blog posts produced for the site, and off-page optimisations in the form of targetted guest blogging.

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